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Read more about our approach with one of our recent success stories iForce.

What’s the story?


Having provided software lead logistics solutions to some of the UK’s largest retailers for many years, iForce had been on the front line during the exponential increase in online shopping. More recently, as mobile entered the fray and customers began to demand a faster, more efficient e-commerce service, it became clear that a more robust, streamlined and cost efficient logistics approach was required.

How did Integrity ITS help?

An advanced carrier routing application was needed, that could integrate with retailers’ own e-commerce functions to determine the quickest and lowest cost fulfilment routes, track deliveries and monitor returns.

In order to develop the software effectively, iForce needed a team of .Net architects, designers, developers and testers and turned to Integrity ITS for help.

Knowing that industry experience was as important to the brief as technical expertise, Integrity set about sourcing the hard-earned logistics knowledge that would prove so critical to the project, alongside the very specific .Net skill set.

Initially providing a team comprising a lead designer, architect, team manager and two developers to design and develop the new platform, it wasn’t long before Route Genie was born. Cloud-based, easily integrated into existing customer e-commerce functions and highly efficient, the SaaS solution was soon directing stock via multiple carriers to minimise transport costs.

What was the result?

Since Route Genie launched it has grown to eleven sites throughout the UK and now despatches millions of parcels annually. Having added a number of major retailers to its client roster, it has cemented itself as the carrier software of choice for some of the country’s most renowned e-commerce leaders; saving its customers £millions in revenue every year. The relationship with Integrity ITS remains at the heart of its business.

Says Neil Thornton, Managing Director of Integrity ITS,

“Route Genie was an exciting project from the start. With the feel of a tech start-up, but with the backing of the iForce Group, it offered a fast paced and agile environment, but without the risks associated with a new business.

“There was never going to be any difficulty in making the opportunity attractive to new recruits, but securing the right team was critical. Often in this situation it’s easy to find candidates who tick the boxes in terms of technical expertise, but cultural fit was just as important – thinking laterally we were able to source a number of team members who could bring supply chain and logistics knowledge to the mix and had the aptitude to develop the specific .Net skills required on the job. ”

Since the original project, Integrity ITS has continued to work with iForce to supply additional expertise as the business grows.

Rob Parker, Integrity’s client at iForce says of the partnership: “Integrity ITS really ‘got’ us and what we needed to achieve from the outset. We know now that to find the right people it’s just a case of a single phone call to the team, and however niche the requirement, they’ll pull out all the stops to source a really great candidate. Integrity also allow us to focus on our day-job during recruitment and only present candidates that fit the role, culture and skills required for us.”

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