Two Standout Candidates? How to decide who gets the job

You’ve narrowed your talent search down to two standout candidates – but who do you choose and how?

When you started the hiring process you more than likely thought that when the right candidate stood out you’d know exactly who to choose, but what if there’s two? This can prove to be a very bittersweet dilemma as the dreaded ‘what if’ thoughts enter your head making it tough to know what to do for the best. Luckily, we’ve seen and heard it all before so we’re able to offer up our advice on what to do in this tricky situation. Here’s what we’d suggest:


It’s all too easy to get caught up in your company’s current needs and not consider the bigger picture. If your primarily focus has been on the needs of your company right now, we’d suggest taking a step back and considering which candidate may be best equipped to step up in the future. What could their role develop into and would that fit? You’re not expected to map out their career path for them however thinking long term may give you more of an indication as to which candidate will be better suited.


If you can’t base your decision on qualifications or experience alone then it may be time to start thinking about how each individual would ‘fit’ in your company. Does one of these individuals posses more of the traits that would fit in with your company’s culture? Does the candidate get excited about the mission and vision of the company and speaks passionately about it? This could give you a clearer idea who to choose or how to potentially direct a further interview with both candidates.

It’s easy to hire based on technical ability but you should consider that skills could always be learnt whereas someone’s personality and values aren’t something you can change.


It may sound cliché but the saying ‘go with your gut’ is generally correct. Your instinct may be pointing you towards one of these candidates more but the fear of ‘what if’ is causing you to second guess it. This isn’t a process you should rush, take your time to come to the right decision for your company and if the end result is due to a ‘gut reaction’ then that’s perfectly acceptable.

If the above suggestions haven’t helped you decide then you really are in pickle. Our final piece of advice on this – have you considered seizing this opportunity? Talent isn’t always easy to come by so why not take on both candidates? The needs of your business can change rapidly, and you may find yourself on the hunt for another hire before long. At that point, though, you may not be as lucky as you were this time around. Obviously this is dependant on budget and whatever decision you make should be sustainable.

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