How to ensure you’re hiring the best PHP developer for your company

Hiring a PHP developer may not be particularly tricky but hiring the RIGHT PHP developer for your company is where it can become more difficult. How do you sort the average from the great? This article will give you some pointers on how you can hire the best PHP developer for your company.
PHP is a major scripting language used in dynamic web development and can be embedded in to HTML. Although PHP is extremely simple for a newcomer to pick up, it offers many advanced features for a professional programmer making it a popular language for many.

A PHP developer (sometimes referred to as a ‘back-end engineer’) is able to take a take a client’s specification and turn it into a tangible, working product that runs on a server. They use code to bring an app to life whilst usually collaborating with UI and UX designers, to ensure that the user facing application is appealing to users.

So, you know that you need a PHP developer – how are you going to find a master of this language rather than just an amateur? Follow the below tips.

The Talent Pool

Before you start to advertise the job role you should consider if you’ll be looking in the right place. The right place most definitely is where passionate PHP developers go. The correct places to look are conferences and meetups, which are in no shortage. This will ensure that you’re targeting passionate individuals, as they will more than likely be at these places to learn new skills and keep up with the industry – great qualities that you should look for in an employee.

The Job Description

To really appeal to the right developers you must put out a quality job description that demonstrates that you know the role that you’re advertising for. It is particularly important to mention the skills you require from them and the frameworks they will be expected to use. You can find great PHP job description templates online that should be used if you’re not familiar with this process. Don’t post out blunt and uninformative description – you will lose potentially great developers.

The Hiring Process

It’s easy to get carried away and advertise the vacancy without much thought to the structure of your hiring process. You should develop a structure will enable you to find the best candidate in the shortest amount of time and complication. For this to happen you must initially filter out the not so great candidates. Certain tools online will allow you to do this – for example Codility.

You must then decide on how you will conduct the interview process and who will have the final decision should more than one interviewee progress through to each stage.

The Interview

Although you do have to ask some boring standard interview questions you don’t want to drive away potential employees by giving a dull interview. You must remember that the candidate is also judging you as well. The best way to test a candidate’s potential is to repurpose a problem from a current project you are working on and see if they can solve it. If you’re struggling to come up with something original then you can find sample PHP interview questions online.


Just because your candidate has passed the hiring process doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be vigilant towards his progress in the company. As PHP is an easy language to learn but a hard one to master, you can find many PHP developers who continue to make beginner mistakes. If this is the case, It must be addressed quickly to avoid problems in the long run.


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