5 surprising skills that give IT jobseekers the edge

You may not realise it but companies are often looking at a lot more than just your experience and employment history. You may be surprised to find out that there are other (non IT) skills that could give you the edge as an IT job seeker.

The IT job market can be a competitive place. The fast pace of ever advancing technology means that companies have to constantly adapt and be on the hunt for the best talent around. The knock on effect of this is that companies are forced to re-evaluate what they look for in IT job candidates. You may possess skills that you may never have even considered demonstrating on your CV or during the interview process – our advice is that you should embrace these hidden talents because many companies are taking notice.

Here are our top 5 surprising skills that may give you the edge when applying for an IT vacancy.

Foreign Language Skills

Many companies can now operate internationally with ease so if you possess foreign language skills then you’ll appear as an attractive candidate. Being multi lingual, you’ll be able to widen your network and be more culturally aware. Don’t be afraid to talk about this in your interview or put it on your CV.

Musical Talent

You may be wondering what music could possibly have to do with IT? Since the 1980’s studies have shown a positive correlation between musical aptitude and software programming. This does make sense when you think about it as music, like programming requires a degree of mathematical and logical thinking.

Social Influence

Companies can’t afford NOT to have a social media presence now and whilst they may have an in-house team growing their presence, just think how impressed they’d be to learn that you could be actively promoting them using your own profile. If you take Social media seriously you may already have a great following. Let them know if you’re a social media influencer – this could seriously put you ahead of your competition. Ideal platforms that you may be on would be LinkedIn and Twitter for business-to-business networking.

Strong written skills

Yes you may be placed behind a computer for the majority of your career BUT strong written skills will give you the edge. Being able to explain your work in plain English is an attractive skill. It means that you can be involved in discussions, presentations and communications with clients.

Fundraising skills

Ever fundraised in your spare time? Being a fundraiser demonstrates many attractive skills that will apply to your job role. Fundraising shows commitment, the ability to build and maintain relationships, creativity and a proactive attitude. Don’t be afraid to talk about any previous fundraising efforts.


Think we’ve missed off any other surprising skills that may give IT job seekers the edge? Let us know via our social media channels!

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