Working from home? Here are our top 5 gadgets to help you!

I’m sure we are all aware that due to current circumstances, home working is as relevant as ever! With over half of UK employees reluctant to return to the office, here are some gadgets to help you get the most out of remote working…

Google and Amazon have recently announced that they will let employees work from home until at least Summer 2021, so it is expected that lots of other major companies will be following in their footsteps. With Christmas just around the corner, these gadgets could make a fabulous gift for a lucky techie in your life!


Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Firstly, let’s focus on the gadgets that are likely to be used the most. This keyboard and mouse may look unusual but are office essentials for someone who struggles with muscle aches and strains. It is common to feel uncomfortable after sitting in the same position all day, especially because typical home office set ups aren’t natural to the human form.

Ergonomic keyboards are designed in a slight V-shape that is molded perfectly to keep hands and wrists in their natural positions, preventing awkward positions and possible muscle strains and repetitive stress injuries.

According to Digital Trends, the best ergonomic keyboard on the market at the moment is the Logitech Ergo K860. Its handy wrist pad means that your arms can rest whilst you’re busy at work, maintaining as natural of a position as possible.

An ergonomic mouse differs from a standard design as it is positioned vertically, meaning that there is no need to alter the human body’s neutral arm position.

According to The Tech Lounge, the best one out there today is the Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse.

Smart Speaker

According to, 85% of workers prefer to listen to music rather than work in silence, with 71% claiming that it makes them more productive.

Why not combine this preference with other useful tools, such as news updates, answers to questions and notifications from your phone? The Amazon Alexa is the perfect work companion to fulfil these needs, as well as providing a background track to your working day. Amazon announced last year that over 100 million Alexa devices had been sold around the world, this figure is likely to have increased even more.

 A webcam to look your best for all of your virtual meetings

A webcam that has a stands suitable for laptops and monitors is an essential for workers who are expecting to be attending virtual meetings on a regular basis. Many people view these video calls as one of the best things about home working:  According to Lifesize’s survey, 35% of respondents reported that they felt more included in company culture.

One of TechRadar’s top pics is the Microsoft LifeCam Studio that rotates 360 degrees, featuring Microsoft’s True Colour System that adjusts exposure on its own to keep you well lit at all times.

Noise cancelling headphones

A good set of headphones are a work necessity for someone living in a household with other people and distractions need to be blocked out. Business Insider’s favourites are the Bose 700s as they also feature a top-of-the-range mic that isolates your voice from background noises, making it the perfect partner for the webcam to work together and make your calls as professional as possible.




According to recent studies, remote working makes way for higher salaries and a larger work force. If you work in the IT industry and fancy a change, submit your CV today and we will get in touch!

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