Why do so many people want a job in the tech sector?

Have you ever wondered why so many people want to work in IT? There are many reasons behind this. Firstly, the industry has a massive 90% satisfaction rate (according to CNBC’s recent study)- read ahead to find out why…

  • Opportunities

Compared with all types of workers, tech workers feel that they have the best opportunities and that their contributions are praised more often. As tech companies grow at a rapid rate, careers in the sector grow at an equally accelerated pace. This offers more chances to learn new skills in order to satisfy the high demand (without the restriction of outdated company structures). In 1997 there were 2 billion tech jobs, and this figure doubled in 2012 to a massive 4 billion. This fast pace is consistent- in 2016, CNBC forecast a 120% growth in tech jobs by 2026. Along with the many opportunities available, the technology sector also offers job security.

  • Happiness

Research continues to demonstrate that workers in the tech industry are some of the happiest overall. It is a chance to have a job that really changes the way the world works, whilst being a part of a challenging and fast paced work environment, as new technologies and software are constantly being developed. This is one of the many reasons why the industry is consistently ranked highly when studying the happiness of employees.

There are often lots of benefits, such as subsidised travel and flexible working (which is voted one of the most desirable perks for a company to have). On a day-to-day basis, tech workers are surrounded by like-minded people who are all enthusiastic about their work, keen to remain at the top of their profession and keep up to date with new developments.

  • Demand

Due to their high demand, tech workers are equally as highly valued- their desired skillset is rewarded through high salaries. According to Randstad, the salaries offered to digital tech employees are 36% higher than the UK average. The average salary for an IT worker in the UK is £62,500 (according to CW Jobs). With that in mind, plus all the potential benefits the industry has to offer, no wonder so many people want a job in IT!

There’s something for everybody in IT due to the huge variety of different roles available. These specialist areas include project management, software development and implementation, coding and programming, cyber security, telephony engineering and network support… the list goes on. Cyber security alone is predicted to be a $165 billion industry by 2023 due to recent waves of cyber related crime that require workers to always be familiar with new technology and software developments.

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