Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency to Secure Top Talent!

Are you finding it difficult to get the right candidate on board?

In today’s highly competitive, candidate driven job market, it can prove extremely difficult to find the right candidate for your business. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should use a recruitment agency to secure top talent!

  • Time and money

The recruitment process can be very time-consuming. However, recruitment agencies specialise in this area and have the skills to hire the perfect candidate faster than it would take if it was carried out by existing in-house staff. For example, all administrative issues are taken care of (such as notifying candidates of unsuccessful applications). Therefore, the company’s time can be spent wisely, only on applicants that are worth considering.

The company’s costs are reduced in the short term because job ads are taken care of, meaning that in-house staff can perform their other duties- this increases the efficiency of the business and reduces potential overtime costs. Long term costs are also saved when it comes to hiring new talent in the future as the company can develop a trustworthy relationship with the recruitment agency. Agencies also provide salary benchmarking to give accurate market rates based on salary data and local market knowledge of what salary expectations potential candidates have when considering a new job role.

  • Top talent

Recruitment agencies are specialised in certain industries, in our case IT. This means that there is already a selection of highly skilled candidates available who will see the job ads that will be posted to a variety of job boards- this saves the company a lot of stress and increases the chances of filling the job role with the perfect worker. Agencies also have access to the best talent, who may currently be employed elsewhere. Lots of highly skilled candidates aren’t actively job seeking and instead will consider a new role if a great opportunity presents itself. In addition, people who are actively looking for a new role are more likely to register with agencies. Candidate reach is further widened as recruitment agencies have established networks that provide access to the best applicants who may possess the ideal skills that the company needs.

  • Professional appearance

Smaller businesses don’t typically have a dedicated in-house recruiter, and this leads to a lack of expertise and resources needed to find the best candidates. Recruitment agencies also have knowledge of current relevant requirements and legalities as well as understanding the employer’s needs. The process is managed smoothly, and everything is carried out professionally and effectively. Agencies carry out a candidate screening process (for example, over the phone) and this further narrows down applicants by eliminating any unsuitable matches from the further process depending on how well they match what they promise on their CV.


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