One in 10 UK new job vacancies are in the tech sector

Great news – a recent report has found that one in 10 UK new job vacancies are in the tech sector. Now for the not so great news… a digital skills shortage is making them harder to fill.

A recent report claims that in the past year 10% of new jobs created in the UK were tech roles. This is obviously very encouraging news however it does conclude that due to a skill shortage in the industry these positions were hard to fill. Working in the industry ourselves we can relate to the findings of this report as encountered many organisations struggling to fill their IT / tech vacancies with the right talent – until we take over of course.

It’s no surprise that the report focuses its findings on the London tech scene – there is an abundance of new employment opportunities the UK’s tech capital and as a result of Brexit there are fears that the skills gap will only increase due to the restriction of free movement. These are uncertain times but the fact remains that the tech sector is booming and employment opportunities have never been so good – so let’s concentrate on the positives.

Around 142,000 vacant tech jobs will exist by 2023, according to the Social Market Foundation, 22% of which will be new types of STEM roles. Demand for software engineers is rising quickly, especially in machine learning and data science fields, with those sectors recording 191% and 136% growth respectively since 2015. Relatively new fields such as artificial intelligence and data science are showing positive growth.

Overall we believe it is a very exciting time for both people who are already in the IT and tech industry and those who wish to enter it. The challenge of getting people into the industry remains but that is a blog article for another time.


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