Integrity ITS become newest company to be part of Overgate charity’s ‘500 club’

After working closely with Overgate Hospice, we’re delighted to announce that we are the newest company to join their ‘500 business club’, which allows much needed regular income through annual donations and promotions. 

The independent, Huddersfield-based charity provides care to patients and those close to them, ensuring that they receive the best possible quality of life. 

We’ve previously completed the Yorkshire One Peak Challenge. This was a huge success, with over £500 being raised.

It was originally set up in 1979 when owner Sylvia Graucob decided to transform her home into Calderdale’s first Hospice, and has since brought comfort to many families including our own Managing Director, Neil Thornton’s.

Our team are proud to have carried out fundraisers for them in the past, with the charity being particularly near and dear to us. 

We’ve previously completed the Yorkshire One Peak Challenge to show support, which saw trainee recruitment consultant Adam Thornton, Neil, Neil’s wife Lesley and son Luke walking 10 miles up and back down the Ingleborough mountain (the second-highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales, England). This was a huge success, with over £500 being raised. 

We’re now determined to do it again- this time with the whole team potentially taking part!

In reference to the 500 club membership, Neil said: “We are excited to get involved in continuously supporting such an amazing charity along with many other local businesses.

“This is just the beginning of supporting this great charity and we can’t wait to share updates going forward”.

Overgate took care of Neil’s dad Graham, providing the best possible care whilst going above and beyond to accommodate for his needs.

We’d now like to strongly encourage anyone and everyone to get involved to help the Hospice out wherever they can. We think that all businesses should consider joining the 500 club, whilst looking out for other opportunities to get involved such as hosting networking events. 

Our relationship with the Hospice only continues to grow as we step into the future, with more fundraisers and fun charity events planned for the future.

For more information on Overgate, and to find out more about how you can help them out directly, visit:

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