How to make your mark during the first week in a new job

Well done… you’ve successfully made it through the interview process and proven yourself as a great prospect to your new employer. We’d love to say the hard part is over but unfortunately, there’s still a way to go before you can sit comfortably behind your new desk.

The IT and tech sector is fast paced which can also mean a high turnover in staff for many companies. For this reason alone you need to make sure that you make your mark during your initial period of employment so that you can make the best impression possible.

During your first few weeks in your new role here are a few things you can do to help you achieve this:

Secure relationships

It’s really important that you make a conscious effort to become a team player right from the get go. How you integrate into the existing workforce will show a lot about you and you can guarantee that your new employers will be asking your new colleagues for updates on how you’re doing. Not only for the sake of looking good to your new employers you should want to secure relationships with your new colleagues as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Working as part of a team offers many positives and can make a big difference to your daily job satisfaction.

So, how do you secure these relationships? Make the effort to introduce yourself to the people you’ve not spoken too in the organisation, go for lunch or attend those Friday night drinks when invited. Make a mental note of peoples names when they introduce themselves – there’s nothing worse than having to suss it out again weeks later when you should know it by then.

Have a go-to person

No question is silly if you need to know the answer, but unfortunately it does sometimes feel that way. This will happen and when it does it’s a great idea to suss out a go-to person that you feel comfortable asking. Obviously though, don’t pester that person as they have their own workload to complete but when It does look like they have a minute spare go and ask. Most people are happy to help new starters find their feet in an unfamiliar organisation.

Enthusiasm is key

This should be an obvious one. You was enthusiastic during the hiring process (we hope!) so don’t stop just because you’ve got the job. You need to bring you’re A-game so arrive on time, take your allocated lunch times and no extra and carry out your workload with the same passion you promised during your interviews.

Give yourself time to rest and reflect

During the first few weeks of a new job there is a lot to process, don’t forget to allow yourself the time to properly rest and reflect. Don’t let the stress of the transition affect your health; maintain a healthy diet and sleeping pattern. Sit back and properly reflect on how you think you’re doing and if you’re achieving what you set out to do – this will help you better yourself for the month ahead.


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