How to keep top talent

 Your business is only as strong as your staff. We’re here to help you find talent and hold onto it! 

When you’ve gone through the lengthy process of hiring top talent,  losing them can be incredibly frustrating.                                    Here’s some key tips on how to keep your most talented team members:

  • Communication. Feeding back to employees and giving them constructive criticism builds the trust between you and your staff. Regular one-on-one communication between you and your employee clarifies goals and confirms you’re on the same page – improving productivity. When your business aims have been established, employees recognise the value of their role and become more invested in your business’ future, this creates loyalty.
  • Progress and development. Your top employees will always be on the lookout for their next step and if they can’t see clear room for growth within your business, they’ll look elsewhere. So if you can set out a clear ladder of progression, it’s more than likely they’ll take on the challenge and stick around.
  • Balance. Holidays, flexible hours and occasional days off allows employees to balance work life and family. Also, returning back to work staff feel motivated and recharged. A work-life balance can help boost morale and therefore productivity, this is beneficial for both employees and the business as a whole.
  • Hiring process. Most importantly, an efficient and effective hiring process can create the foundation for all the tactics listed above. At Integrity we pride ourselves on thinking beyond CV matching to fill vacancies – taking cultural fit, sector expertise and that all-important gut instinct into account, alongside the required technical skills. We have access to exclusive, highly skilled, permanent and contract candidates with our bespoke candidate management system, unknown to the rest of the recruitment industry.

Integrity works with clients throughout the Yorkshire region and beyond, sourcing highly skilled candidates across a broad range of IT job roles. You can learn more here – Clients.

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