Experts warn recruiters will experience ‘significant consequences’ following the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 has dominated all of our news feeds for the past few months, and it doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon. Currently, the total worldwide cases of the deadly virus stand at a staggering 247,592- the UK accounts for 3,269 of these cases, with death tolls increasing daily at a rapid speed.

Businesses have been hit hard by the outbreak, meaning introducing new staff to their organisations has been the least of their worries as they have to adapt quickly to survive. Most employers are putting their hiring plans on hold whilst they wait for the worst to pass- but Boris Johnson has warned that we have only just reached the “fast-growth” phase of the pandemic. 


What does this mean for recruiters?

2020 started off on a high when employment in Britain hit a record high in January. According to official figures, the number of people in work was a record breaking 33 million due to the huge growth of 184,000 between November 2019 and January 2020. However this number has, without a doubt, reduced due to the highly infectious disease, causing many to lose their jobs as small businesses struggle to cope. 

Experts have warned that the virus will cause ‘significant consequences’ for the recruitment industry whilst the country fights back and cleans up the mess. The job market has been impacted massively, with candidates following government advice and staying inside their homes. This means that online job interviews have become increasingly common as conventional face-to-face meetings have become impossible to organise. On top of this, applicants are hesitant to partake in the hiring processes, as health and caring for loved ones is everyone’s main priority at the moment. 

During this uncertain time, it’s difficult to predict what the future of employment will hold. In the meantime, online tools and video conferencing, such as Skype interviews, have been a blessing for recruiters who have been encouraged to work remotely as we all tackle this worldwide outbreak.


What happens now?

As worrying as COVID-19 is, it’s important to also think positively. We can learn from countries that have got over the worst of the virus, such as China who celebrated closing their last makeshift Coronavirus hospital in Wuhan last week. In addition, it is essential that we follow government advice and stay inside when we can, even if this means not going out to bars and clubs and only travelling when it is absolutely necessary- health should always be the main priority. 

Trials have begun to test a COVID-19 vaccine next month in the UK. We live in a society where it is easy to forget how lucky we are to experience the luxuries of modern medicine and advanced technologies. As the world makes a comeback from the disease, businesses and the economy are set to follow in the same direction, and slowly industries will be on the right track to return to business as usual. 

The Prime Minister announced last night that the UK should be able to ‘turn the tide’ on the coronavirus crisis within 12 weeks. Until then, we must follow expert advice as best we can to prevent further rapid spread of the virus, and be hopeful for the future as we aim to soon overcome the worst of this pandemic.


Nevertheless, at Integrity ITS we are working as usual during the outbreak- we are always available to help with client requirements. Contact us today by dropping us an email: or give us a call on 01484 485 303! 

Coronavirus and recruitment

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