5 Tips for hiring top IT & Tech Graduates

The end of the University terms have come to a close and many students have received their final grades. This is your businesses opportunity to recruit fresh, enthusiastic IT & Tech talent.

Graduates come with many benefits, they’re affordable as they earn lower salaries than experienced hires but offer huge potential. They’re ready to mould, giving you the opportunity to shape them in to whatever your business needs so they become a part of your culture. Bringing in employees with new perspectives can also inject new ideas and apply current thinking from academia. Lastly, they have a proven return on investment as according to research by the association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), graduates contribute approximately £1 billion of added value to the UK economy on an annual basis.

Competition is tough for top IT & Tech talent and rightly so, they are a great investment to your business and guess who else knows this… your competitors! With this in mind we’ve highlighted our 5 top tips to help you identify who’s got that special something your business needs and how you can wow them yourself.

1. Be transparent

Potential candidates want to know that they’ll enjoy the projects that you’ll have them working on so showing transparency during the hiring process will put you in a good position. Talk them through what technologies they’ll be working with, the type of projects you have underway and what your future plans are that may affect them.

2. Offer a mentor

For many graduates this will be their first job out of university and regardless of their capabilities this may seem daunting. Offering a mentor will not only ease their anxieties it will also help to bring them out of their shell and give them some direction whilst they find their feet. An offer like this will certainly seem appealing to many potential candidates. Typically the mentor should be a senior member of staff with the appropriate skills and confidence to engage with the chosen candidate.

3. Hobbies show initiative

There are plenty of graduates that spend their spare time coding, building robots, developing software, apps, websites, or even gamers. These individuals are hobbyists and have the traits of someone who possess the raw skills that can be developed to progress your business. Don’t forget during the interview process to wean out any hobbies that they have – be that through a direct interview question or just general chit chat throughout the process.

4. Is there room for growth?

Be honest, every graduate wants to know what the opportunities for progression will be within the company. Keeping coy about this will do you no favours and may in fact put off potential candidates. Set out a career path so potential graduates can envision a future in your company and see that their hard work will pay off.

5. Look for soft skills

It’s expected that university graduates may not have much or indeed any on the job experience so during the interview process it’s best not to concentrate solely on this. Seek out soft skills, by this we mean their social graces, communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, and leadership traits. Individuals’ soft skills are an important part of their individual contribution to the success of an organization and it is much easier to teach technical skills than it is soft skills.

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