The Top Technologies to Watch Out For in 2020!

The new year is fast approaching… is 2020 going to be the year where technology begins to take over? It is predicted that new technologies in the works are likely to shake up the job market.

Here are some of the top technologies that you need to watch out for in the new year:


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligent behaviour of software that has a human-like ability to vary out decision-making tasks. In 2020, this will develop even further. Businesses predict to make use of it to improve the efficiency of their operations and enhance customer experience. It is expected to become increasingly common for people to work alongside AIs.

However, this isn’t always a positive thing as these intelligent technologies are likely to replace many of our jobs. For example, autonomous vehicles (driverless cars) are in the works. Functions such as automated braking and lane changing have already developed. Tesla has already created a future design for this idea and Uber has raised $1 billion to fund their own self-driving cars to potentially be used in the future.

2020 is predicted to offer more tailored, specified applications for AI software. It is also likely to be used in the media and entertainment industry to make projects more profitable. According to Accenture, AI software boosts business productivity by almost 40%.

AI security is also predicted to change the IT landscape in 2020 by preventing criminal activity. It is thought that attackers will begin to use machine learning, and this can be a huge threat to cyber security.  Improved AI security will be used to help detect viruses and create secure logins using fingerprints, retinas or palm prints as a strategy to prevent any cyber threats.


  • 5G Technology


5G means faster broadband- it is said to speed mobile networks up by around 100GB per second and be 100 times faster than existing 4G networks. The fifth-generation cellular network technology will lead to faster download and upload speeds, higher capacities, and lower latency.  South Korea was the first country to roll it out in 2019, but it is expected to become more widespread in 2020. In addition, 5G devices are expected to be cheaper in the new year.


  • Personal Profiling


Businesses will begin to analyse their potential customers’ spending patterns by studying their behaviours, such as what pictures they like to post, what social media platforms they visit the most and what places they have checked into using social media. Businesses will integrate this idea when identifying an individual’s preferences relating to their product. For example, Gillette is currently using this technique when working on offering customised razor designs, made to suit. However, personal profiling can raise many issues, such as consumer consent- is it socially acceptable to study individuals so closely?



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