Integrity ITS become newest company to be part of Overgate charity’s ‘500 club’

After working closely with Overgate Hospice, we’re delighted to announce that we are the newest company to join their ‘500 business club’, which allows much needed regular income through annual donations and promotions. 

The independent, Huddersfield-based charity provides care to patients and those close to them, ensuring that they receive the best possible quality of life.  (more…)

Is AI Dangerous?

As most of us know now, AI stands for artificial intelligence. This refers to intelligent machines that can think and act like humans do (such as recognising faces, understanding languages and driving cars). AI is very useful when it comes to carrying out repetitive tasks or being a force of security on a smaller scale- however, there are concerns that in the future, these potentially super intelligent machines will become better than humans at performing all cognitive tasks. 


Should facial recognition be banned?

Should facial recognition be banned? Concerns have been expressed recently about the growing use of the technology, after a hearing in the US last Wednesday. It has been compared to an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror- a show that explores the dark side of technology. Read ahead to find out why.


Why do so many people want a job in the tech sector?

Have you ever wondered why so many people want to work in IT? There are many reasons behind this. Firstly, the industry has a massive 90% satisfaction rate (according to CNBC’s recent study)- read ahead to find out why…


The Top Three Examples of AI Being Used Right Now

There are constantly new AI developments in the works. The human-like intelligence means that current machines are already superior to us when it comes to carrying out certain tasks. Here are the top three examples of how AI is being used right now…


The Top Technologies to Watch Out For in 2020!

The new year is fast approaching… is 2020 going to be the year where technology begins to take over? It is predicted that new technologies in the works are likely to shake up the job market.


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